Build netcdf-3.6.3-intel on ITO Subsystem-A

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This is a memorandum building netcdf-3.6.3 with Intel compilers on Supercomputer ITO Subsystem-A at Kyushu University. The build of netcdf-4.1.2 does not work as found here.

Obtaining source of netcdf-3.6.3

Updated on June 13, 2021: The source of netcdf-3.6.3.tar.gz cannot be downloaded now. Suppose you have it.

Building netcdf-3.6.3

Create the following bash script of

export CC=icc
export CXX=icpc
export CFLAGS=-O3
export CXXFLAGS=-O3
export F77=ifort
export FC=ifort
export F90=ifort
export FFLAGS=-O3
export CPP='icc -E'
export CXXCPP='icpc -E'

tar xf netcdf-3.6.3.tar.gz
cd netcdf-3.6.3
./configure --prefix=/home/usr1/account/local/netcdf-3.6.3-intel
make check
make install

Adding an executable attribute and execute the script.

chmod a+x

Done! If you use it from FVCOM, you may specify it as follows:

IOLIBS = -L/home/usr1/account/local/netcdf-3.6.3-intel/lib -lnetcdf
IOINCS = -I/home/usr1/account/local/netcdf-3.6.3-intel/include

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