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Domestic Travel

2019.8.26-27 Field visit in Ishigaki Island

A field visit in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, was performed from August 26 to 27 organized by a committee on coral reef restoration by Fisheries Agency. We visited Research Center for Subtropical Fisheries, Seikai National Fisheries Research Institute, Fisheries Research and Education Agency.

Field survey on spawning ground of marbled flounder in off-Akanehama, Tokyo Bay

The project team for creation of habitat under the Public-Private Cooperation Forum for Tokyo Bay Restoration performed a field survey on spawning ground for marbled flounder collaborating with Chiba Prefectural Fishery Research Center in off-Akanehama of Tokyo Bay on December 25, 2018. The project team proposed a project for creation of spawning ground of marbled flounder and this survey is based on this project.