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2019.7.8 iSymWater2019 in Beijing, China

Dr. Sasaki delivered a keynote talk in the international symposium, iSymWater2019, held at Xijiao Hotel in Beijing, entitled “Sustainable Marine Environment and Coastal Disaster Mitigation in Tokyo Bay.” One of the organizers of this symposium is School of Environment, Beijing Normal University, with which Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo has concluded Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) since May, 2019. This symposium was also reported by China Daily.

Bar plots on Google Earth Pro

Creating Bar plots kml files for Google Earth Pro using Python googleearthplot referring to this site. Install Suppose pandas is installed. Install simplekml and googleearthplot. pip install simplekml pip install googleearthplot googleearthplot is a Python2 code and some modification is required in Python3 because of an error associated with print statement. First find the location of installed googleearthplot as follows: pip show googleearthplot Edit to modify the lines of print statement by converting print **** to print(****) using parentheses. Usage Open a Jupyter Notebook and import packages. Referring to the original site, some examples are shown. Double cricking on created kml file, a plot should be presented on Google …

Tips for supercomputer ITO-A at Kyushu University

This page is tips for usage of supercomputer ITO-A at Kyushu University. About disk quota Check status of disk usage You may encounter an error message like disk quota exceeded when the disk used exceeds its quota. You can check the disk status: lfs quota -g group_name /home Displayed something like as follows: Disk quotas for group ******* (gid *****): Filesystem kbytes quota limit grace files quota limit grace /home 10738166000* 10737418240 10737418240 – 2307227 8000000 10000000 – Where kbyte(=10738166000*): used (kbytes), quota(=10737418240): disk quota (software limit), limit (=10737418240): disk quota (hardware limit),grace (-): Approved duration with exceeded disk quota status,files (=2307227): the number of files used. In this example, …

Build Delft3D on Ubuntu 16.04 of WSL using GNU compiler

This post is a memorandum on building Delft3D on Ubuntu 16.04 of WSL on Windows 10 Pro. I tried to build Delft3D on Ubuntu 18.04 with Intel compiler, but it did not work, and thus following the information here, I built Delft3D on Ubuntu 16.04 with the GNU compiler. (Posted on June 12, 2019) Preparation First, set the Windows shared folder. Add the following to the end of ~/.bashrc so that you can access the Windows C drive as ~/winc. if [ -d winc ]; then   echo “Windows shared folders ready” else   ln -s /mnt/c winc fi In order to reflect the changed .bashrc , execute the following in your …

Severe salinity contamination in drinking water and associated human health hazards increase migration risk in the southwestern coastal part of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a deltaic country and it is highly vulnerable to climate change and sea level rise. The southwestern part of this country is repeatedly devastated by cyclonic storm surges which create long-term waterlogging, flooding’s, and salinity problems. After the cyclone Sidr in 2007 and Aila in 2009, salinity problems in groundwater have significantly increased where groundwater is a principal source of drinking water in the coastal community. After the continuing consequences of salinity contamination and consumption of those types of water, local peoples are suffering from several types of health diseases. Average household health expenditure is significantly increased and it exerts more pressure on their vulnerable household economy. Thus, …

Time series plotting using hvPlot

hvPlot, a component of PyViz ia a new interactive plotting tool, which is a wrapper of Bokeh. hvPlot is easy to customize plotting options. However, currently there are some drawbacks, such as difficulty in adjusting aspect ratio of graph area, which may be resolved in Bokeh 1.1, slow processing, and cumbersome in exporting high resolution PNG file, comparing to Matplotlib. Default time series plotting Suppose df is a pandas DataFrame having a time series index and columns of ‘kion’ and ‘sped’, which are actually a dataset of air temperature and wind speed at Chiba Observatory, Japan, provided by Japan Meteorological Agency. import hvplot.pandas df[[‘kion’,’sped’]].hvplot() Customized plotting Now one column of …

2019.2.19-24 Field survey on coastal zone management in Marawila, Sri Lanka

Field survey on coastal erosion and its local perception in Marawila Coast, Sri Lanka, was performed collaborating with University of East London, Yokohama National University, and CC&CRMD (Coast Conservation and Coastal Resource Management Department, Sri Lanka). We got interviewed for National Television (Rupawahini), Sri Lanka, which was broadcast nationwide in the evening on February 23. We also interviewed the head of Negombo Fishing Union on their perception of the coastal management.

Disappearance of sand spit in Kalutara, Sri Lanka

Karutara situated in the south of Colombo in Sri Lanka is famous for its Bodiya Temple. It is also famous for the sand spit formed in the mouth of the Kalu Ganga River. As of 22 February 2019, this sand spit is clearly shown in Google Map. However, in order to secure a drainage function in the flood in 2017, the sand spit on the north side was cut, resulting in collapse of the sand spit. Although it is said that there are similar examples in the past, this time it is considered to be a big social problem because the sand spit of Karutara’s symbolic existence has not been …

Visiting University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

We visited University of Moratuwa on Feb 18, 2019. University of Moratuwa is a leading university in engineering, located south of Colombo and Mount Lavinia. We have been studying on coastal erosion management in Marawila collaborating with University of East London, Yokohama National University, and CC&CRMD (Coast Conservation and Coastal Resources Management Department). One of our activities was broadcasted by Sri Lankan national TV program and a professor from University of Moratuwa incidentally watched the program and contacted me. We also visited Dr. Nimal and Dr. Udeni, alumni of Yokohama National University.

Lab’s welcome and year-end party

On December 20, 2018, it was totally late, but we held a lab’s welcome party for new students enrolled in September (Graduate Students) and in October (Research Students) as well as a year-end party. Wish you a happy new year!

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