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  • Mapping of subtidal and intertidal seagrass meadows via application of the Feature Pyramid Network to unmanned aerial vehicle orthophotos
    Research Overview Seagrass meadows, including eelgrass beds, are expected to contribute to blue carbon, defined as carbon sequestered and stored by the ocean, and to provide co-benefits with ecosystem services such as fisheries. Although the restoration of seagrass meadows has long been undertaken by local non-profit organizations, it is necessary to annually monitor the distribution of seagrass meadows in an inexpensive, simple, and high-resolution manner for the certified assessment of carbon dioxide sequestration. In this study, we proposed a method for mapping seagrass meadows distributed from subtidal to intertidal zones by employing consumer-grade aerial drone photography and deep learning of Feature Pyramid Network (FPN). Extensive efforts were made to create […]
  • Filed survey on Fukido River mangrove in Ishigaki Island
    With the cooperation of the Port and Airport Research Institute, Nakamura (D1) and Phyo (M2) have started to study carbon dioxide sequestration and emission by mangrove forests. In August 2021, they conducted a one-month field survey in the mangroves of the Fukidori River in Ishigaki Island. Fukido River mangrove in Ishigaki Island Mangrove forests are said to have a high carbon sequestration capacity due to carbon sequestration by photosynthesis and the deposition of organic matter by complex above-ground roots. The carbon sequestration is also promoted by the fact that the soil is always in a reducing state due to the high organic matter content, and the rate of soil decomposition […]
  • Comprehensive Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment in the Makran Subduction Zone
    Research Overview Although earthquakes in the Makran subduction zone (MSZ) can cause tsunamis along the southern coast of Iran, little research has been done because of ethnic minority settlements and undeveloped areas. Chabahar is an important port city in this region and some areas are considered to be an important coastal zone in Iran as a free trade zone. In this study, a probabilistic tsunami hazard analysis (PTHA) method is proposed to apply to the source and coastal areas where information is scarce, and the probability of tsunami height exceedance for different recurrence periods (50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 years) is presented for several areas along the southern coast […]
  • Install Intel oneAPI on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    In order to use Intel C compiler and Intel Fortran compiler for numerical computation, Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit and HPC Toolkit (Intel Fortran) on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS of WSL2 of Windows 10 Pro were installed. This site (in Japanese) was referred. The Intel compilers are now available free of charge, and can be installed using apt, which is very convenient. Install the required drivers Install the required drivers by referring to here. # Add package repository sudo apt-get install -y gpg-agent wget wget -qO - https://repositories.intel.com/graphics/intel-graphics.key | sudo apt-key add - sudo apt-add-repository 'deb [arch=amd64] https://repositories.intel.com/graphics/ubuntu focal main' # Install run-time packages sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install intel-opencl-icd intel-level-zero-gpu […]
  • Installing GMT 6 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    GMT 6 is a popular plotting tool in regional and earth sciences, and it is a great software to draw the most beautiful figures with print quality. This is a memorandum of the build and installation on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on WLS2 of Windows 10 Pro. I referred to this site (in Japanese). You may be able to install it with apt, but it is easy to build and recommended in the official site. Install dependent packages The first step is to install dependent packages. If some package is already installed, it will be skipped. sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade -y sudo apt install -y build-essential cmake libcurl4-gnutls-dev libnetcdf-dev […]
  • Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on WSL2 of Windows 10
    This is a memorandum of the installation of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on WSL2 of Windows 10 Pro. It is assumed that WSL2 can be used. Get Ubuntu 20.04 LTS from Microsoft Store Go to the Microsoft Store, search for Linux, and find Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. There should be no confusion in the installation. When you register your user name, you will be asked to set a password, which you will enter when you run as root using sudo. It is convenient to pin it to the taskbar. Install packages Launch the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS terminal. After updating to the latest version, install the necessary packages. sudo apt update sudo apt […]
  • Segmentation fault issue when using Miniconda on ITO-A
    After installing Miniconda (Anaconda) on the ITO-A supercomputer and creating a virtual environment, a problem of Segmentation fault occurred when running a Python script. A solution to this problem was found and summarized here. How to revolve Segmentation fault issue The problem was probably the conflict with the vendor installed Python. This issue was resolved by appending the following in last part of ~/.bashrc: export PYTHONPATH= The problem was resolved by logging in again and installing Miniconda as usual. The specific method is described here (in Japanese and please translate using an online tool). Occurrence of segmentation fault The environment used to work fine, but when I tried to work […]