2024.1.30 Research article published in Geochemical Journal

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The following article by Wataru Nakamura, a Ph.D. candidate in our laboratory, and his colleagues has been published in Geochemical Journal.
This article shows the effects of tidal fluctuations on parameters (pCO2, DIC, and TA) related to carbonate processes in mangrove creeks, which are also important in blue carbon assessment, through a field survey. We showed that tidal asymmetry affects CO2 emissions in Japanese mangrove forests, with pCO2 increasing during low tides due to the longer duration of swamp flooding. We also found that mangrove-derived DIC and TA vary with the tidal cycle, controlling CO2 variability from high to low tides.

Nakamura, W., Phyo Thet Naing, Watanabe, K., Tokoro, T., Gempei, K., Endo, T., Kuwae, T. and Sasaki, J. Changes in DIC/TA ratio by tidal asymmetry control pCO2 over a spring-neap tidal cycle in a subtropical mangrove forest in Japan. Geochem. J., 58, 28–45, 2024. DOI

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