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2019.12.17 Paper published in Chemosphere

A research paper submitted by Rakib (D2 student) to Chemosphere was accepted and published as in the following link. We performed a field survey of groundwater quality and questionnaire on local perception in southeastern coastal part of Bangladesh. Groundwater was found to be severely contaminated owing to salinity intrusion. High concentrations of co-contaminants in groundwater were also found to be a great concern for future drinking water security among coastal communities. Congratulations, Rakib! Rakib, M.A., Sasaki, J., Matsuda, H., Quraishi, S.B., Md. Juel Mahmud, Md. Bodrud-Doza, Atique Ullah, A.K.M., Fatema, K.J., Md. Asif Newaz and Bhuiyan, M.A.H. Groundwater salinization and associated co-contamination risk increase severe drinking water vulnerabilities in the …

2019.7.14 Paper accepted in Ocean and Coastal Management

A manuscript submitted by Erick (former master student) and Parastoo (D2 student) was accepted in Ocean and Coastal Management, Elsevier. Highlights of the paper are: Developed a new methodology to evaluate Marine Protected Areas (MPAs); there is a significant gap in the perception of the health of coral reefs and their real state in El Nido MPA; the use of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) can be useful to measure the efficiency of MPAs. Congratulations Erick and Parastoo! Avelino, J. E., Sasaki, J., Esteban, M., Salah, P., Jamero, M. L. and Valenzuela, V. P. Sustainability evaluation of marine protected areas index (SEMPAI): A multi-criteria decision-making method to determine the effectiveness of …

2019.8.21 Paper published in Scientific Reports

A manuscript submitted by Liu (D3 student) to Scientific Reports was accepted and published. This paper deals with improvement of accuracy in hindcasting storm surges in Tokyo Bay by combining meteorological reanalysis data and typhoon model and using FVCOM with relatively wide coverage of computational domain. Congratulations Liu! Liu, F. and Sasaki, J. Hybrid methods combining atmospheric reanalysis data and a parametric typhoon model to hindcast storm surges in Tokyo Bay, Scientific Reports, Vol. 9, Article number: 12222, 2019. DOI

2019.9.11 Lab’s farewell party

Dear alumni and those who may concern, Lab’s farewell party will be held on September 11, 2019, in the 6th floor lounge of Environmental Studies Building. The party will start at 6 pm. Please contact Dr. Sasaki if you wish to join.

Briefing Session

Briefing session is scheduled as follows. From 1:00 to 4:30 pm on April 27 (Sat), 2019 in Hongo Campus Yayoi Auditorium, Ichijo Hall (Campus Map) From 1:00 to 4:30 pm on May 12 (Sun), 2019 in Kashiwa Campus GSFS Environmental Studies Building Personal session from 2:30 pm at Room 660 on 6th Floor

Poster Award at GPSS-GLI Progress Review Session

Mr. RATNAYAYAKAGE Sameera Maduranga Samarasekara, Ph.D. candidate at Sasaki’s Laboratory, was awarded “Poster Award” for the significant contribution to sustainability science at GPSS-GLI Progress Review Session. The title of his poster is “Evaluation of the Status and Historical Changes of Coastal Erosion Management of Marawila Beach, Sri Lanka.” Congratulations, Sameera!

Paper accepted in Journal of Environmental Management, Elsevier

The following paper contributed by Rakib (D1 student) has been published in Journal of Environmental Management, Elsevier. This paper reveals that salinity hazards and potable water crises in the southwestern coastal part of Bangladesh have increased the spread of human diseases and treatment costs, while socioeconomic crisis and poverty are inseparable risks of coastal communities because of frequent cyclone hits. These problems may soon contribute to increased population migration problem Recently, salinity hazards have added a new dimension to health insecurities and household financial instability. Results showed a high migration risk and thus urgent action is required to improve socioeconomic conditions, and provide alternative sources of potable water and health …

Paper accepted in Journal of Environmental Management, Elsevier

A manuscript submitted by Rakib (D1 student) to Journal of Environmental Management (Elsevier) has been accepted for publication. This paper revealed that people’s livelihoods have been becoming vulnerable by freshwater salination in the southwest part of Bangladesh. In addition, when predicting the damage and coping with it, the traditional local knowledge of the residents has been getting less useful due to the influence of climate change. Rakib, M. A., Sasaki, J., Palc, S., Md. Asif Newazd, Md. Bodrud-Dozae, Mohammad Amir Hossain Bhuiyan. An investigation of coastal vulnerability and internal consistency of local perceptions under climate change risk in the southwest part of Bangladesh. J. Environmental Management, 231, 419-428, 2019. DOI …

Paper accepted in Ocean and Coastal Management, Elsevier

A manuscript submitted by Sameera (D3 student) to Ocean and Coastal Management (Elsevier) has been accepted for publication. This paper deals with coastal erosion in Marawila Beach, located in the west coast of Sri Lanka, which has been a serious problem for the past decades. Historical change of shoreline and management, including perceptions and opinions of stakeholders as well as countermeasures taken by the government were identified in this paper. Click on this link to see by Nov. 23, 2018. Ratnayakage Sameera Maduranga Samarasekara, Jun Sasaki, Ravindra Jayaratne, Takayuki Suzuki, R. A. S. Ranawaka and Sakuntha D. Pathmasiri: Historical changes in the shoreline and management 1 of Marawila Beach, Sri …