2023.1.11 Research article published in Frontiers in Marine Science

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As part of our research on blue carbon in urban bays, we have developed a practical method to estimate the the partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2) in coastal waters based on continuous observations from conventional salinity and pH meters. Using this method, we conducted continuous monitoring of pCO2 at ports in the head of Tokyo Bay and succeeded in capturing the dynamics of pCO2 and other parameters during the blue tide (upwelling of anoxic water) that occurred in September 2021.

Our study outcomes are expected to contribute to the social implementation of blue carbon by adding pCO2 to the existing water quality monitoring items conducted by governments and other organizations.

Endo, M., Sun, J., Nakamura, W. and Sasaki, J. A practical pCO2 estimation and carbonate dynamics at an event of hypoxic water upwelling in Tokyo Bay. Front. Mar. Sci., 2023. DOI

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