2022.11.18 Research article published in Scientific Reports

Table of Contents

The following article, written in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University, has been published in an international journal of Scientific Reports. The article examined the characteristics and effectiveness of grey and green infrastructure as measures against coastal erosion along the coastline between the Chao Phraya River and Bang Pakong River in the upper Gulf of Thailand.

Charoenlerkthawin, W., Bidorn, K., Burnett, W.C., Sasaki, J., Panneerselvam, B. and Bidorn, B. Effectiveness of grey and green engineered solutions for protecting the low-lying muddy coast of the Chao Phraya Delta, Thailand. Scientific Reports, 12, 20448, 2022. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-022-24842-x

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