April 29, 2018

Setup environment on ITO at Kyushu University Supercomputer

The following is a memo of initial setup for subsystem A on ITO at Kyushu University. Login environment If you are using in Japanese, in [cci].bashrc[/cci], the following setting should be implemented to avoid garbled characters in the terminal. [cc] export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 [/cc] Install Anaconda To avoid conflict with the pre-installed Python system, pyenv is installed and used to create a virtual environment. Install pyenv Pyenv can be easily installed as follows: [cc] $ cd ~ $ git clone git://github.com/yyuu/pyenv.git .pyenv [/cc] Edit ~/.bashrc Add the following in .bashrc: [cc] export PYENV_ROOT="${HOME}/.pyenv" if [ -d "${PYENV_ROOT}" ]; then export PATH=${PYENV_ROOT}/bin:$PATH eval "$(pyenv init -)" fi [/cc] You can take a […]

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