Build makedepf90 on ITO Subsystem-A

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This page is a memorandum for building [cci]makedepf90[/cci] with Intel compiler on Subsystem-A of Supercomputer ITO at Kyushu University, which is used in building [cci]FVCOM[/cci].

Obtaining source code

Source code can be downloaded from Github by clicking the green button of [cci]Clone or download[/cci] at the right-hand side. Copy it in a directory, e.g., [cci]~/src/[/cci] . Then set environmental variables for Intel compilers as introduced in this page.
Extract the source code, build it and copy the created executable file of [cci]makedepf90[/cci] to, e.g., [cci]~/local/bin[/cci] that is added to [cci]PATH[/cci].
$ unzip
$ cd makedepf90-master
$ make
$ cp makedepf90 ~/local/bin


When [cci]makedepends[/cci] for FVCOM needs to be recreated, move to the directory of [cci]FVCOM_source[/cci] and execute the following:
$ rm makedepends
$ touch makedepends
$ make depend
The target for creating [cci]makedepends[/cci] is given in [cci]makefile[/cci] of [cci]FVCOM[/cci].

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