Build makedepf90 on ITO Subsystem-A

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This page is a memorandum for building makedepf90 with Intel compiler on Subsystem-A of Supercomputer ITO (ITO-A) at Kyushu University, which is used in building FVCOM.

Obtaining source code

Source code can be downloaded from Github by clicking on the green button of Clone or download at the right-hand side. Copy it in a directory, e.g., ~/src/. Then set environmental variables for Intel compilers as introduced in this page.
Extract the source code, build it, and copy the created executable file of makedepf90 to, e.g., ~/local/bin that is added to PATH.

cd makedepf90-master
cp makedepf90 ~/local/bin


When makedepends for FVCOM needs to be recreated, move to the directory of FVCOM_source and execute the following:

rm makedepends
touch makedepends
make depend

The target for creating makedepends is given in makefile of FVCOM.

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