How to covert to (lon, lat, depth) in Tokyo Bay from (x, y, depth) with unknown (x, y) coordinates

Table of Contents


    1. Converting coastline.blz (lon, lat, z) to (utm_x, utm, y, z) creating using Proj
    2. Adjusting, (x, y, depth), to by parallel shifting with trial and error manner using GMT and creating
    3. Converting to dep.blz (lon, lat, depth) using Proj

UTM grid zones is here. Zone 54N covers Tokyo Bay and Tohoku District.

Converting lon-lat to XY using Proj to generate mesh for FVCOM

# Set the zone number (see
proj +proj=utm +zone=$zone +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84 +units=m +no_defs $inf

The format of coastline.blz:

# -b
101.033012    -3.999887   0.0
101.031252    -4.001647   0.0
101.031252    -4.002527   0.0
101.030372    -4.003407   0.0


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