Setup and login method for SR11000

Table of Contents

Extract PUTTY in an appropriate folder (no installer available). Execute “puttygen.exe” and a window of PuTTY Key Generator appears. Follow the procedure below.


  1. Click “Generate” and a moving bar will appear near the top. Move the mouse until the bar reaches the end.
  2. Put a key passphrase.
  3. Confirm the key passphrase.
  4. Click “Save private key.”

After registering the key or editing “~/.ssh/authorized_keys” on SR11000 for a new local machine, login on SR11000 using PuTTY, and then follow the procedure below.

  1. Put the host name
  2. Move to “SSH” ?> “Authentication” and set the private key file.
  3. Return to “Session” and put a session name and save it.
  4. Click “Open” to connect SR11000. Use the key passphrase.

Install WinSCP for data transfer between SR11000 and a local machine. After invoking WinSCP, set “Private key file,” “Host name,” “User name” and “Password.”


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