Check character code and line feed code on linux 文字コードと改行コードを調べる

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Check line feed code 改行コードを調べる

Line feed code should be LF for linux text files and you can check using a command of "file" as follows:

file test.f90
test.f90: ASCII text # LF (Unix, Linux, MAC)
test.f90: ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators (Windows)
file *.f90  # check all the files with extension of f90 

Convert to LF

Using nkf, you can convert from CRLF to LF:

nkf -Lu --overwrite test.f90  # to LF
nkf -Lw --overwrite test.f90  # to CRLF
nkf -Lu --overwrite *.f90     # all the files with the extension of f90 to LF

Check character code 文字コードを調べる

You can check character code using nkf -g:

nkf -g test.f90
  => Shift_JIS or EUC-JP or UTF-8

Convert to UTF-8

You can convert to UTF-8 using nkf -w:

nkf -w --overwrite test.f90   # automatically check the original character code
nkf -Sw --overwrite test.f90  # specify the original character code as Shift-JIS
nkf -Ew --overwrite test.f90  # specify the original character code as EUC-JP


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