Setup FVCOM 3.2 for MPI run on oakleaf-fx10

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netCDF and julian should be pre-installed referring to "Setup FVCOM 3.2 for serial."

Compile METIS on oakleaf-fx10@UTokyo

Moving onto ./METIS_source parallel to ./FVCOM_source and METIS library should be compiled. First you need to edit makefile as follows:

*** Edit makefile ***
CC = fccpx
*** Compile on login node ***
$ make

Build FVCOM on oakleaf-fx10

You may change the name of executable file in makefile, not in

And edit by activating MULTI_PROCESSOR and setting compilers.

PARLIB = -L/home/*****/FVCOM3.2/METIS_source -lmetis

# Fujitsu compiler MPI
CPP = /usr/bin/cpp
FC = mppfrtpx
CC = mppfccpx
CXX = mppFCCpx
CFLAGS = -Kfast
DEBFLGS = #-check all
OPT = -Kfast

Then, build FVCOM:
$ make

MPI run for the test case Estuary on oakleaf-fx10

Moving onto ./Examples/Estuary/run and execute fvcom (suppose that the name of executable file is fvcom_mpi)
$ ln -s ../../../FVCOM_source/fvcom_mpi
$ pjsub --interact
$ mpiexec ./fvcom_mpi --casename=tst

Impression of execution on oakleaf-fx10

I performed computation of test cases, including tst and inlet, and found that performance on oakleaf-fx10 is much worse than that on ha8000@hakozaki.

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