FVCOM2.6.1 serial compile and run on FX10@cc.u-tokyo.ac.jp

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Compiling FVCOM for serial run

On Fx10, you will use Fujitsu compilers. The following setting in makefile will work.

Netcdf setting

IOLIBS = -L/usr/local/netCDF/4.1.1/lib -lnetcdf
IOINCS = -I/usr/local/netCDF/4.1.1/include

Compiler setting

CPP = /usr/bin/cpp
FC = frtpx # in login mode, = frt in interactive job mode
OPT = -Kfast
# in case of automatic parallel mode,
# use -Kfast,parallel (no space before and after the comma)

Running serial FVCOM on Interactive Job Mode

First you need to enter an interactive job mode. There is limitation of elapsed time of 2 hours on 1 node for using the interactive job mode. So if you like to execute longer job, you need to use batch job mode.

$ pjsub --interact
$ ./fvcom tst
$ exit # End of interactive job and back to login node

Running serial FVCOM on Batch Job Mode

Prepare a job script referring to the following examples:


#PJM -L ”rscgrp=short”
#PJM -L ”node=1”
#PJM -L ”elapse=1:00:00”
#PJM -j
./fvcom tst

Then submit this job on login node and check the job status as follows:

$ pjsub serial.sh # submit your job
$ pjstat # check your job status

Standard outputs will be stored in serial.sh.o****** where ****** is a unique number.

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