Install GMT 5.1 on Windows

Table of Contents

Since I could not install GMT 5.1 on Scientific Linux 6.2, I first tried to install it on Windows 7. There is basically no difficulty in installation as described below:

  1. Install Git on Windows so that bash script can be used.
  2. Install Dennou Ruby for Windows that includes various useful software and commands, including ruby.
  3. Then, install GMT 5.1 for Windows.

After installation, you may check whether scripts in examples work well.

If you execute examples of animation, you need additional tools below:

  1. is missing and you need to get it from a Linux version and copy it into c:/programs/gmt5/bin/.
  2. For creating a GIF animation, "convert" (ImageMagick) command is required. After installing ImageMagick, the convert command will work on Git Bash.
    The same name of command, however, originally exists on Windows, that may lead to a conflict though it did not happen for my case.
  3. Some scripts use ${AWK} and "export AWK=gawk" should be set in .bashrc.