Install PyMC3 on Windows 10 (Anaconda)

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I tried installing PyMC on Windows 10 to learn materials in the book of "Bayesian Methods for Hackers", but I encountered problems, which seems owing to suspension of maintenance. I first created a virtual environment of pymc3 and then installed necessary packages using conda:
> conda create -n pymc3 python=3.6
> activate pymc3
> conda install matplotlib
> conda install pymc3
However, [cci_python]import pymc3[/cci_python] lead to [cci_python]ModuleNotFoundError[/cci_python]. So did [cci_python]import pymc[/cci_python](installing pymc2). Fortunately I found a solution from this article (in Japanese) and summarized how I accommodated below. First I recreated a virtual environment for pymc3 and then started installing Python3.5 instead of Python 3.6.
> deactivate
> conda remove -n pymc3 --all
> conda create -n pymc3 python=3.5
> activate pymc3
> conda install numpy scipy mkl-service libpython m2w64-toolchain nose sphinx git matplotlib jupyter
> pip install --user git+
This worked. However some warnings appeared associated with [cci_python]Deprecated[/cci_python] and thus PyMC3 may be useful for learning. Further information, including Jupyter notebooks, can be obtained from Github.

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  1. carl patterson says:

    FWIW, the instruction here worked for me (after quite a frustrating week).

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