Paper accepted in Journal of Environmental Management, Elsevier

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The following paper contributed by Rakib (D1 student) has been published in Journal of Environmental Management, Elsevier. This paper reveals that salinity hazards and potable water crises in the southwestern coastal part of Bangladesh have increased the spread of human diseases and treatment costs, while socioeconomic crisis and poverty are inseparable risks of coastal communities because of frequent cyclone hits. These problems may soon contribute to increased population migration problem
Recently, salinity hazards have added a new dimension to health insecurities and household financial instability.
Results showed a high migration risk and thus urgent action is required to improve socioeconomic conditions, and provide alternative sources of potable water and health care facilities.
Rakiba, M. A., Sasaki, J., Matsuda, H. and Fukunaga, M. Severe salinity contamination in drinking water and associated human health hazards increase migration risk in the southwestern coastal part of Bangladesh. Journal of Environmental Management, 240, 238-248, 2019. DOI (Click here for free access until May 22, 2019.)