January 2021

Segmentation fault issue when using Miniconda on ITO-A

After installing Miniconda (Anaconda) on the ITO-A supercomputer and creating a virtual environment, a problem of Segmentation fault occurred when running a Python script. A solution to this problem was found and summarized here. How to revolve Segmentation fault issue The problem was probably the conflict with the vendor installed Python. This issue was resolved by appending the following in last part of ~/.bashrc: export PYTHONPATH= The problem was resolved by logging in again and installing Miniconda as usual. The specific method is described here (in Japanese and please translate using an online tool). Occurrence of segmentation fault The environment used to work fine, but when I tried to work […]

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Research Topics
Knowledge, awareness, and attitudes toward tsunamis: A local survey in the southern coast of Iran

Research Overview The southern coast of Iran (mainly the coastal area facing the Gulf of Oman) is a potential tsunami and storm surge disaster area, but since it is the least developed area in Iran, little work has been done to prevent such disasters. In recent years, the Iranian government has moved to designate this area as a free trade zone, and it is being positioned as an important area. In addition, there are many ethnic minorities living in the area, and religious influences are significant, so it was assumed that ordinary disaster mitigation measures would not work well. In this study, a questionnaire survey, interviews, and focus group discussions […]

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