April 2020

MATLAB on Supercomputer ITO

MATLAB can be used on Supercomputer ITO in GUI (Graphical User Interface) via X-Window or CUI (Command Line Environment). Online manual is here. You cannot install it on your local PC. Loading MATLAB To use MATLAB, your favorite version of MATLAB should be loaded. You can confirm whether it has been loaded using module list command. Available versions are R2019b, R2018a, or R2017a as on April 30, 2020. $ ulimit -v 31457280 $ module load matlab/R2019b $ module list Currently Loaded Modulefiles: 1) intel/2019.4 2) matlab/R2019b MATLAB in CUI CUI is reqcommended considering slow connection in GUI. CUI interactive interface can be invoked by the following: $ matlab -nodisplay It […]

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