Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone countries, while climate change and its associated hazards such as cyclonic storm surges, inundation, and salinity threats force disruption of coastal communities. Gradually, coastal communities are going to lose their existing livelihoods owing to the regular interruptions of coastal hazards such as high salinity problems in soil and water. In this situation, it is important to secure the coastal lifestyle by investigating the social vulnerabilities and possible policy practices along the coastal belt communities of Bangladesh.

Vulnerability status of aquaculture, agriculture, drinking water, and river bank in the southwest part of Bangladesh


Rakib, M. A., Sasaki, J., Palc, S., Md. Asif Newazd, Md. Bodrud-Dozae, Mohammad Amir Hossain Bhuiyan. An investigation of coastal vulnerability and internal consistency of local perceptions under climate change risk in the southwest part of Bangladesh. J. Environmental Management, 231, 419-428, 2019. DOI (Click here for free access until Dec. 13, 2018)