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Set up ITO-A@kyushu-u supercomputer

This is a memorandum report for seting up an environment on ITO-A at Kyushu University Supercomputer Center. How to login On Windows, you need a terminal emulator to login and MobaXterm is recommended to use, which also has a function of X11 forwarding for displaying X Window screen. Its installation method is introduced in this site (in Japanese). Change file access permission You may change the permission of your directories and files as follows so that group members can read and execute files and help you: $ chmod -R 750 /home/usr_num/account where the first, second, and third digits are types of permissions for user, group, and all the others, and …

Handling SQLite database using Python

Suppose that the file name of SQLite’s database is mpos_S.sqlite, its table (like a sheet of Excel) name is mpos_S, and mpos_S contains column data. If the column name of water temperature data is tp, this column tp contains water temperature data. In order to handle it from Python, you need to import sqlite3. First connect to the database and get the cursor cur. >>> import sqlite3 >>> conn = sqlite3.connect(‘mpos_S.sqlite’) >>> cur = conn.cursor() Check information of columns. >>> cur.execute("PRAGMA TABLE_INFO(mpos_S)")  ### Gets information about columns of table mpos_S >>> cols = cur.fetchall()  ### Information of a column is a tuple containing 6 elements. >>> print(cols) To get only …